Friday, September 28

Just Nasty: Ice-T & CoCo+Bootz+Ursh


I don't know whether I should be confused about the fact that anybody is still paying to see Ice-T perform or that CoCo can switch up the housewife to video ho role so easily in 10 seconds.

Who allowed this?:

{Click pic for slightly NSFW pic}

Sombody has let Bootz pose half assed out in an overly airbrushed pictorial. Make it stop.

Ursh was spotted still trying to sell his stinky:

Lots of folks no likey this new effort of his. I'm not surprised.

On to more fabulous things...

Baby Z was spotted picking up Maddox from school with Momma Angie yesterday.

And clearly today is not a day she's trying to mess with the paparazzi.

Fox Boogie's new single cover is out. Typical Foxy, but it's still alright with me.

Rih Rih walked in the DSquared fashion show in Milan:

There's some hotness surrounding these looks right here. Nice.

Look who has a new model chick:

Apparently J. Holiday jacked John Legend for his girl. J. was spotted out on a dinner date with Johnny Boy's ex--model Jessica White--the other night. A source tells YBF:

I was at Negril in New York City having dinner last night with some of my friends and low and behold, so was R&B singer J. Holiday and model Jessica White....J. and Jessica were all hugged up and he was feeding her. They kept laughing and he kept caressing the side of her face. It was rather romantic.


The Randomness:

  1. MJB's first single off her upcoming album Growing Pains is "Just Fine". Check it. The album drops November 27th.

I'm Taking It To The NYC...

{Click for the largeness}

Oh yes. All of my FABULOUS New York area YBF folks are invited to the Welcome YBF To New York City Meet and Greet and Party.

It's going down October 3rd @ Blvd/Crash Mansion in the NYC. RSVP to (up to a +1 accepted) and come party it up with ya girl. Lil Mo will be performing (yes, she's on the flyer twice). I will be guest judging the R&B Showcase at Blvd the same night at 9p. So all my NYC readers...and those of y'all who are down to travel to the NYC...Let's get it poppin'!

Thursday, September 27

Mini Fab

So the ATL decided to have a 40's inspired party?:

You know what...I have so many questions and so little time. Moving on...

Ms. Tyra hit the NY streets looking fierce today. Loves it.

Vanessa Williams was spotted on set yesterday taping a wedding scene for Ugly Betty. It premieres tonight by the way. Yessir.

Kanye/Alexis and MJB hit up the US Weekly Hot Hollywood party last night:

Chick's style game is the hotness.

MJB looked hot too.

And Kelis was spotted leaving the party:

Eclectic...but cute.

Speaking of Kanye and Alexis, here's a cute couple of random pics of Kanye and his future stepson and his future wifey:


Didn't R.Kelly and Hov already try this:

"Me and O have been trying to put this together for so many years, and now we've got the opportunity to do it," Bow Wow told earlier this month. "We're in the creative process right now, coming up with ideas daily, so the process is real smooth. We're anxious to make this whole thing happen. It's gonna be a special event. It's gonna be crazy, something the people have been waiting on -- the girls have been waiting on -- for years. O's one of my best friends. Anytime you get a chance to work with somebody you're best friends with, it's not even work, it's like working with family."


And it didn't end up too well for Hov and the R. at all. But Bow Wow and Omarion are making their duet album Faceoff official. Anyways, check out their exclusive online track "Hood Star". The album drops December 11th.

The Randomness:
  1. Umm what?

Run It!

{Click Pic}
@ her bday party Wednesday, a movie premiere this month, and the IGA party last month

Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton rocked the Herve Leger dress in 3 different colors/styles a 3 different events these last couple months. Chick is competing with herself on this one. 1, 2, or 3?

Wednesday, September 26

Celebs Break Out The New Ish

Ms. Keys is rocking a new elegant rocker look these days:

And quite nicely. She was honored by The Recording Academy NY Chapter last night.

Moms was there to support.

Honestly I love this look. I reall do. But that damn keyhole doesn't not look like a keyhole and it's bothering the crap out of me. It just looks like she needs to cop a safety pin.

Mel B. was showing off her new DWTS body leaving Little Door restaurant this week:

I usually don't even talk about the ladies like this....but that's a bad b*tch. Posh who?

Garcelle...this ish looks painful.

Celebs came out to Melody Thornton's surprise b-day bash Tuesday night at Les Deux:

Yeah she looked surprised...

Adrienne B. and Omarion came out:

Fun times.

The continent of Africa continues to be in diamond debt:

Thanks to Trina. She's officially single. And she wants everybody to know it. She found the need to name the first single "I'm Single". Bitter much...over some Weezy? Anyways, word has it this single was stolen from the studio. Whatev.

J-Lo is killing the pages of Arena magazine:

Hotness. By the way, J-Lo says she's not preggers. Surprise surprise.

Ursh never learns:

He had it out with Miss Jones yesterday over this marriage/pregnancy foolishness. Audio Just a mess.

The Randomness:
  1. In case you missed it, check out Beyonce on the "Till the End of Time" remix with JT. They really could have added in a new verse or somethin'...
  2. Will Demps says no more groupies for him. Story

Everybody's Got Album News

Jamie Foxx thought it was ok to rock 2 shirts that clearly cut off his circulation at Will.I.Am's "Songs About Girls" album release party last night at Post Meridien:

Unique was there too. Snaps for the kids.

And Key Key Cole had her album release party in the NYC last night:

Can't say I'm feeling the slightly stonewashed denim jumper but the hair is hot.

Fun times.

And Queen Latifah had her signing event for her new album "Trav'lin' Light" at Virgin Megastore in Times Square:



The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's 2007 Annual Legislative Conference kicks off today here in DC. And as part of the Emerging Leaders Series, I'll be speaking on The New Underground: Undercutting the Ol’ Boys Network for Creative and Financial Freedom panel Friday morning. If you haven't registered, get it in your life.

And this Thursday:

The annual celeb filled Black Party will be on and poppin' as usual. I'll be there so come holla at ya girl.

Stay fab!