Tuesday, September 11

The Rock Thuggery Must Stop+J-Hud Gets Sex in The City

So video of Kid Rock and Tommy Lee's "fight" at the VMA's is out. Ish looked like a bad episode of Dog The Bounty Hunter:

Yeah I'm posting it...since I can guarantee this video won't be traveling the net near as much as if it were two rappers participating in the tomfoolery. I mean seriously...must we fight over Boobie Barbie? Too bad this "fight" looked whack. The most interestng part is Nelly pulling Ashanti back so she didn't get smacked in the face with that chair. Awww....how thughtful.

In other imporant news...

J-Hud has been cast to be in the Sex In The City movie. Oh hells yeah. She'll be playing Carrie's assistant and they start shooting September 19th in the NYC. Definitely a good look for Jenny.

The Randomness:

  1. Check out J. Holiday and Fabolous on the "Bed" remix.