Tuesday, September 4

Halle's Preggers!+The HBIC & Receeding Patterson Do It Again

Just as YBF predicted last month....the rumors are in full effect. It's allegedly official that Halle B. is 3 months pregnant. Apparently the filming for her new movie Tulia has been haulted because of it. We knew it was coming...

UPDATE: Oh but yes. It's official and Halle has given a statement. Congrats to Halle and Gabriel!

Hot damn! Receeding Patterson went and got some swoop action to cover that non existent hairline for the new season of I Love New York 2. And of course the HBIC is back with her new chi chi's. Check out the new flicks from the taping of the show:

Source: VH1 via ONTD

Foolywang material. This is so the type of ish I live for. I'll be watching....in private.