Tuesday, June 5

The Tomfoolery Continues...

Here's some pics from the "Trapped in the Closet" part 56 video:

The R and Ursh have shot a vid for "Same Girl" and it will be premiering soon. The folks over at Def Jam say the video plays it all out for us to see what we hear, with a little twist at the end that we don’t hear on the record. Y'all know damn well you'll be watching...

Ne-Yo hit up Miss Info's show yesterday to let folks know he is not Supahead's new boytoy like the rumors that have popped off recently say. He says they are not dating and never have dated. Note to Ne-Yo: No one ever really believed y'all "dated". Ray-J and Bobby B. didn't "date" Supahead either...

Ms. Kelly is out and about in London for some promo:

She stopped by the Glamour Woman of the Year awards.

And B sent over her photogs for the day to capture some candids:

Cute look though.

Speaking of B...

Sources are reporting some tipsy like behavior from Ms. Knowles while she was partying out in London this weekend:

The 25 year old singer demanded 2 huge electric fans be installed at Paper Moon nightclub in Regent Street to help keep her cool. The result was more like something from one of her music videos as she ended up dancing on the tables with the fans blowing her hair. One partygoer said: "She was boogieing to a couple of her own tracks, like Naughty Girl and Beautiful Liar, but she really
went crazy when they played the old school favorite "Push It" by Salt N Peppa. At one stage she was doing the hair for one of her backing singers, which looked
quite sweet. She certainly seemed really easygoing.

I told y'all she just wasn't "hiding" in those pics.

And her favorite fan was backstage listening to her concert the whole time:

None other than Baby Daniel of course.

Celebs hit up the Surfs Up Special Family Screening last night:

Al Roker and Tiki Barber brought their fams:

You are NOT the father.

Rachel Roy brought her mini me daughter.

Veronica Webb and her cute daughters were there too.

Fanny was spotted at the World Theater Awards:

Not feelin' this look at all.

I see people are still sleeping on Tamia. If it wasn't for VH-1 Soul we would have never seen her new vid for "Me".

The Randomness:

  1. Apparently MTV Shuck&Jive...b.k.a. BET...will have another reality show called "Baldwin Hills". It's pretty much the black middle class version of Laguna Beach and The Hills. Somebody tap Deborah Lee and tell her to stop playin.
  2. All you ATL folks don't forget to check out the Shosommo Fashion show June 7th and the Celebrity B-Ball game tonight. Check shosommo.net for details.
  3. WTF?! But I would pay good money to see him and Sugafoot in a fight....