Thursday, September 13

When Jump-Offs Fight.....

The alleged Sarah Chapman

{Thanks Yvonne}

I tried to ignore this whole Kim-Sarah-Diddy triangle saga because the ish reeks fake and publicity stunt for several reasons. But since this nonsense has been hitting my inbox at a ridiculous's the deal:

Folks have been saying for a while that Diddy got a chick named Sarah Chapman preggers last year and she had his baby recently. Until I see and hear this chick say this ish with my own eyes and ears (not just a recorded phone message), then I'll believe it. It's definitely not an unlikely situation since Diddy hates keeping it in his pants. But still.

Now word has it in the next issue of People this Sarah character is spilling all the ish about the love triangle since she's pissy about Kim putting her on blast in Essence. Sarah is supposed to be talking about how Kim knew about her this whole time since Sarah's been treated as the main side dish for 13 years--just as long as Kim and Diddy have been together--and is sounding proud about it. Two peas in a pod. She's also said to be dropping the fact that Kim knew about the pregnancy all along, and Kim got bitter when the story came out and that's why she blasted the lowdown to Essence.

I think I speak for 96.9% of folks when I say--Who gives a sh*t? Both of y'all sound foolish talking about who had Diddy first when both of y'all were being treated like jump offs. It is what it is.