Wednesday, September 26

Celebs Break Out The New Ish

Ms. Keys is rocking a new elegant rocker look these days:

And quite nicely. She was honored by The Recording Academy NY Chapter last night.

Moms was there to support.

Honestly I love this look. I reall do. But that damn keyhole doesn't not look like a keyhole and it's bothering the crap out of me. It just looks like she needs to cop a safety pin.

Mel B. was showing off her new DWTS body leaving Little Door restaurant this week:

I usually don't even talk about the ladies like this....but that's a bad b*tch. Posh who?

Garcelle...this ish looks painful.

Celebs came out to Melody Thornton's surprise b-day bash Tuesday night at Les Deux:

Yeah she looked surprised...

Adrienne B. and Omarion came out:

Fun times.

The continent of Africa continues to be in diamond debt:

Thanks to Trina. She's officially single. And she wants everybody to know it. She found the need to name the first single "I'm Single". Bitter much...over some Weezy? Anyways, word has it this single was stolen from the studio. Whatev.

J-Lo is killing the pages of Arena magazine:

Hotness. By the way, J-Lo says she's not preggers. Surprise surprise.

Ursh never learns:

He had it out with Miss Jones yesterday over this marriage/pregnancy foolishness. Audio Just a mess.

The Randomness:
  1. In case you missed it, check out Beyonce on the "Till the End of Time" remix with JT. They really could have added in a new verse or somethin'...
  2. Will Demps says no more groupies for him. Story