Friday, September 28

Just Nasty: Ice-T & CoCo+Bootz+Ursh


I don't know whether I should be confused about the fact that anybody is still paying to see Ice-T perform or that CoCo can switch up the housewife to video ho role so easily in 10 seconds.

Who allowed this?:

{Click pic for slightly NSFW pic}

Sombody has let Bootz pose half assed out in an overly airbrushed pictorial. Make it stop.

Ursh was spotted still trying to sell his stinky:

Lots of folks no likey this new effort of his. I'm not surprised.

On to more fabulous things...

Baby Z was spotted picking up Maddox from school with Momma Angie yesterday.

And clearly today is not a day she's trying to mess with the paparazzi.

Fox Boogie's new single cover is out. Typical Foxy, but it's still alright with me.

Rih Rih walked in the DSquared fashion show in Milan:

There's some hotness surrounding these looks right here. Nice.

Look who has a new model chick:

Apparently J. Holiday jacked John Legend for his girl. J. was spotted out on a dinner date with Johnny Boy's ex--model Jessica White--the other night. A source tells YBF:

I was at Negril in New York City having dinner last night with some of my friends and low and behold, so was R&B singer J. Holiday and model Jessica White....J. and Jessica were all hugged up and he was feeding her. They kept laughing and he kept caressing the side of her face. It was rather romantic.


The Randomness:

  1. MJB's first single off her upcoming album Growing Pains is "Just Fine". Check it. The album drops November 27th.