Saturday, September 8

Rikers Gets Ill Na Na For A Year+Ms. Hill Is Still Foolywang Material

As most of you know Fox Boogie has been sentenced to 1 year in Rikers. She was already kickin' it there for the last 2 weeks thanks to her hit-a-b*tch-with-a-Blackberry incident and violating parole. A her sentencing last night, reports:

Judge Melissa Jackson slammed Foxy's pleas for mercy, calling her a "great actress," and saying that if this were the first time she'd apologized, she might be believable, but not now.

I have a feeling chick won't be out in 8 months on good behavior. Especially if she can't get her Wet and Wild fix. Or hair glue. So not gangsta.

And Lauryn Hill still looks like this:

*Sigh* Whatev.