Friday, April 6

Good Friday Fab

Ne-Yo's Because of You album listening party went down in NYC Wednesday:

Jay came out to support his second favorite hitmaker.

And y'all leave that man alone about that drink....

His album drops May 1st. And you can check out one of his leaked tracks called "Drugz"
here. I likes.

The ANTM chicks are rockin' the pages of Cover mag looking glamourous and fab:


Dani Evans


Source: ONTD

Damn...even Naima looks good. The photog is clearly some hot ish.

Sexy NFLer Ovie Mughelli hit up Jamie Foxx's concert in the ATL last week:

I so have a thing for the urban preppy look on the fellas. And all you Atlanta ladies will be happy to know that he's been traded from Baltimore to the ATL Falcons.

Fun times.

YBF chick Rochelle Aytes and the rest of the cast of Fox's new series "Drive" handed out free gas cards at Century City 76 yesterday:


Trey Songz's new video for "Wonderwoman" premiered this week. Wassup with all these homemade vids everybody's putting out these days? I'm still feeling the track though.

The Randomness:

  1. It's a sad week in sports. Story
  2. Barack's got money in the bank now. It's on and poppin.
  3. Y&R Update: O my DAMN! Y&R has oficially outdone itself. If you're behind on this week's episode....skip this update. So are they serious about making THIS the way Dru leaves the show? Getting pretty much pushed off a cliff by Syphillis Abbot's messy ass? This really came out of nowhere. I was expecting a whole "Goodbye Dru" flashback segment like they do ALL veterans on soaps when they leave. Oh but not for Dru. No wonder why she's leaving. In a recent interview Victoria Rowell said she's leaving in part because of not getting the veteran special treatment she thinks she deserves (she's been with the show for about 17 years) and in part because she hasn't won a daytime emmy. Esp. since she's won a million NAACP awards for her work. I agree. She's so underrated. And I hear they did this storyline because the "Dru" character will be recasted. Boo. I hope all this blackmailing Phyllis has been doing to Brad and Sharon blows up all IN her hoeish face. I'm just waiting of the day Summer starts to look like the spitting image of Jack.....