Monday, September 10

Midget Mac FTW!

I thought this was a joke with the crispiness runnin' all up and through this pic:

But it is oh so real. These are the new pics of the I Love New York 2 fellas. Half of them look like repeats from last year and the other half look like the closest they ever got to punani was hearing Janet say it in Poetic Justice. And according to VH-1 Blog, New York is making history by adding a "little person" to the line up....and his name is Midget Mac. Yes, I'm serious. He looks like the most sane one up there. (FTW=For The Win for the late folks)

Nobody wants too see your Spanx boo. Work that out...amongst other things. More pics of the foolishness over at the VH-1 Blog.