Thursday, September 20

Meagan Buys New Hoops+Baby Z's New Competition+Mya Is Everywhere...Why?+Hov's Blue Magic

Looky looky:

Ms. Good was spotted leaving JT's concert afterparty the other a thermal pajama top looking like she straight rolled out of bed and threw on some tight jeans and cute boots. But most importantly, chick copped her some new silver hoops. Praise Jesus. And let the YBF "No More Nameplate Hoops For Meagan" prayer circle say...Amen.

Uh oh. Looks like Baby Z is about to have some competition on her hands. Actress Mary Louise Parker just adopted her very own African baby this week and they're already hitting the town in true Angie/Zahara fashion. All they need are matching designer bags. Let the swagger jacking begin...

Mya performed at the Skool'd event this:

I mean...can somebody get this chick a bodyguard? Dude in front is looking suspect as all hell.

And then she hosted the Terrace Magazine Launch Party last night at Pink Elephant in NY:

Hot dress. Chick is determined to sell more than 100 units this time around huh?

Here's some pics from the set of Tia and Tamara's new movie Twitched Too:

YBF chicks indeed. Fabulous.

The fierceness that is Naomi Campbell was spotted at Isabella Blow's memorial service:

And in non-YBF news...and more SATC news...guess who's preggers:

Charlotte. New pics from the movie set are here:

Yes ma'am.

Speaking of preggers:

Urshmeka was spotted out and about...supposedly 7 months pregnant. I told y'all from the get this whole "pregnancy" was suspect....

The Randomness:

  1. Eddie and Tracey are talking about their upcoming wedding plans. I can't wait to see Johnny Boy Gill extra antsy in that Best Man tux.

  2. Jay-Z's brand new single "Blue Magic" hit the airwaves tonight.

Stay fab!