Friday, September 14

Wyclef: Lauryn Hill Is Bipolar!

Wyclef Jean called into Boston's JAM’N 94.5’s “Ramiro & Pebbles Morning Show” yesterday and had some startling opinions on his former Fugee bandmate, Lauryn Hill’s state of mind, “my advice and being in the studio wit her for a short time I felt a sense of bipolar… You know… So my advice is like a psychiatrist and to seek meds.” He continues to talk about Ms. Hill’s most recent coverage in the news, photographed performing in what most have called a “homey the clown” get-up, “who ever is letting her go out like that and perform like that is obviously that person don’t have her best interest and is just trying to make money off of her.”

Check out the audio to hear Wyclef spill the ish on his former group member. Didn't we all suspect though that Lauryn needed a few meds as of late? I'm just sayin'...

And apparently Pras is getting in on this too.