Thursday, September 6

They Said That Ish

Because we love when celebs talk without a publicist around:

Jay-Z was still stringing the media along when folks at a press conference yesterday asked when Beyonce will be getting married:

One day soon — let's leave it at that," the usually tight-lipped rapper told reporters earlier today at a press conference in Las Vegas, where he announced plans to open his third 40/40 Club at the luxury Palazzo hotel.

Would they tie the knot in Sin City?

"I don’t know," he said. "It’s kind of comfortable here. If [Palazzo] President Rob Goldstein] throws in the ring, who knows?”



Ru Paul thinks she's still relevant and decides to talk ish about Mimi:

"I love a big, messy, clumsy idiot," RuPaul hoots from her hometown of New York City. "Love that! Love that about her!" As she gushes about the diva's wicked range - asking if we've heard the exclusive outtake from her "The Emancipation of Mimi" breakthrough album and a leaked pre-'90s demo - the most logical question to ask Ru is whether her shoe closet can compete with Carey's. "No-no-no! I have a lot of clothes, but I don't really do drag unless I'm getting paid. I guess she doesn't either." She pauses and then backpedals: "No, no - she lives in drag."


With fans like this...

And Remy Ma brought the foolishness when asked how she felt about Foxy Brown:

She's in jail, and I swear, I feel sorry for her! That's crazy. Get her the
f**k out! [She's in there] for some dumb s**t. People fight, people throw things, and every f**kin' thing, people blow [stuff] out of proportion. Just yesterday I got an email about Lil' Wayne throwing money in the crowd and a girl getting hit in the head, are y'all serious? It's crazy! I was on Rikers Island, that s**t is disgustin'! F**k being a rapper, females period -- every female in New York needs to send a f**kin' letter, being that they're lockin' people up for suspended licenses and all that, write to the mayor, the governor, the place is disgustin', the food is disgustin', the place is dirty, filthy, nasty --women are in there pregnant! She's sick right now, sick.


Because prison after beating down multiple people on multiple occasions is supposed to be a 6 star pimp suite?