Thursday, September 13

All The Juice

Celebs turned out for the Recording Academy celebration for Jimmy Jam becoming the new Chair of the Board last night in Malibu:


Chris Rock was there.

Janet came out to support of course:

The fam was there.


And Cookie and Magic were there too.

Check out stills of Will Smith on his new superhero action movie Hancock:

It opens July 7, 2008.

MiMi thought it was a good idea to show up to a Jury Duty stamp unveiling event like this:

Hopefully she's praying a real stylist would come knock her ass out, take her closet hostage, and demand she do better.

B is topping People's 10 Best dressed in '07 list. There's some suspect folks on that list though. I beg to differ on about 8 of them.

And folks hit up the Rebirth of Hip Hop Kick-Off Party hosted by Diddy and Russell Simmons last night:

Wendy brought her hubby Kevin along.

And Alesha Rene posed with Kevin "I'm Melting" Liles.

New pics of Kanye's LA minimilistic but beautiful home are all over an interior design mag:

The photog is Art Gray. There's something really hot about all this.

Here's some stills from Mya's new video for "Ridin' ":

Her new release date is October 23rd and it's supposedly final. We'll see.
Stay tuned.....