Tuesday, September 4

Because You Can't Get Enough

Time to check in with the YBF usuals:

Bigga's in Malibu celebrating B's birthday with a Porsche and a villa:

Apparently they had to hit up a drugstore first. Loves the look.

Oh hells no. Who told Jigga to rock this infant sized white tee? You are entirely too damn old for this ish Jiggaman.

That damn traffic gets you every time.

Baby Z has been spending lots of quality time with the fam:

Source: CBB

Too cute.

And now they're overseas riding boats at the Venice Film Fest:

Thandie Newton was at the premiere of Run, Fat Boy, Run in London last night:

She clearly loves her some black and white mod print dresses.

And Nelly and Ashanti hit up his 2nd annual Black and White Ball in St. Louis at the Chase Park Plaza:

Chick is determined to ignore the rumors I see. And on the gossip tip: When she was asked about
Irv's Gotti's infamous Wendy Williams interview from last week, she plead no comment. She wouldn't confirm or deny a sexual relationship with Irv. Her publicist then only let folks ask about her upcoming album The Declaration. And at this rate...that album won't see the light of day. She better talk about that affair....

I see she pulled her prom dress out the back of her closet.


Was it really that funny Ashanti?

Apparently they had a magic show for entertainment:

And a lil bit of Ruben Studdard.

And in the odd news of the day:

Viv Fox was spotted having a night out on the town with Jessica Simpson. They are in a movie together but still. I see they called up every paparazzi in town for this pic. At least Ashanti can see what her hairline is going to look like in 5 years if she doesn't stop the slicked back tight pulled foolishness.

Stay fabulous!