Friday, September 14

BREAKING NEWS: Jena 6's Mychal Bell's Conviction OVERTURNED!

I just received news that the ruling came down minutes ago from the District Court Judge in Jena, Louisiana in regards to a motion that would cause Bell's conviction to be overturned. His conviction HAS officially been overturned and there will be NO sentencing on September 20th. Mychal has been in prison since December of '06. Attorney Louis Scott, the head defense lawyer for 16 year old Mychal Bell, has relayed the official word to me that Bell's case has been sent to Juvenile Court where it should have been in the first place. There will be no sentencing (Bell was facing 22 years in federal prison), but the rally will still take place on September 20th in Jena since there are still 5 more trials to be held. This case indeed sets a precedent. Thanks to all of the YBF fam and Jena 6 supporters all over the world who have donated prayers and monetary help to this incredible cause.

The exact next steps are not known at this instant, but the defense team is looking to move Bell to a juvenile facility from his adult prison facility today.

The backstory of this case is appalling, but justice has been served. The "time" is much more likely to fit the alleged "crime" with this now being a juvenile case. All of the national support has paid off and should be an example for how the power of words and actions can change our world.