Tuesday, September 25

Celebs Get Face Time On The Tube

Mel B. made her Dancing With the Stars debut last night. And she was spotted acting up with her hubby Chris outside the show:


Rih Rih hit up Tribe club the other night:

Cute hair and makeup.

Ms. Keys hit up 106 and Park yesterday:

There's something about this whole look I love. And the shoes.

And Key Key Cole, Missy, and Lil Kim were on recently too:

Is that Lil Kim looking, dare I say it, cute? Hot damn. I see her plastic surgeon finally told her ass "No."

Check out the trailer for Irv Gotti's new reality show:

I'll be watching.

The Randomness:
  1. Today marks the 50th anniversary of the first full day of school for the Little Rock 9.

  2. Dr. Dre says he's retiring.