Saturday, September 22

Pimp C Takes Us To Chuuuch+Remy Ma Goes To Court

I usually don't post up interviews like this...but I promise y'all I laughed for a good 30 minutes reading this ish....early as hell on a Saturday morning. So I figured y'all would like to partake in the foolishness that is UGK's Pimp C as well:

In XXL's October issue:

You’ve conducted some interviews recently that expressed some pretty
offensive opinions, but you only apologized for your “Atlanta ain’t the South” statement. Any other apologies you wanna make?

Let me say this: That statement about Russell Simmons had nothing to do with his sexual orientation. It had more to do with a disagreement [we had]. I don’t know if the man likes Martians, squirrels or whatever, so I ain’t gonna speak on something that I didn’t see. It’s no gay-bashing with me. It’s just, be proud of what you are, instead of hidin’ in the closet. And if ya f*ck boys in the ass, then don’t be tryna f*ck with the girls, too, poisoning the pussy population wit’ ya sh*tty ol’ dirty-ass dick.

And that's just the beginning. He goes talk about why southern drug dealers need to step their revenue game/prices up. Leave it to the Pimp.

So this is what your stylist had to you wear to court this week Remy?:

They're fired. Slapped twice...then fired.