Thursday, May 31

Events and Dish

Ne-Yo and ATL Falcon Ovie M.

So Ne-Yo opened a brand new studio in the ATL last night called Carington House. All kinds of folks came out to celebrate. And word has it that Ne-Yo's new main chick was there...and it's none other than Supahead. SOHH Gyant has the rundown here. Hot damn...

Remember Irulan and Arissa from Real World Las Vegas?:

Oh yes. They're back.

The entire Las Vegas cast is doing a Reunion season now and it kicked off this week on MTV. This was one of the best season's of Real World...pre-whackness..and I, for one, am happy about the reunion. I admit it. I'll be watching.

CiCi's gracing the pages of In Style magazine:

Definitely a good look.

The uberly fab J-Lo hit up the Paul Simon Children's Health Fund event last night at the NY Hilton hotel:

This chick can do no wrong.

The Peete Family is in the new issue of People magazine:


Pics via CBB

Holly's oldest son RJ has been diagnosed with functional autism and the family has been extrememly outspoken about educating African Americans about the disease. Sarah over at CBB has the interview and more pics. Lovely.

Celebs hit up the Diesel store opening on Melrose in LA yesterday:

Where you been Elise?

Luda was there.

So was Tichina who was not on her shoe game.

Celestina from DanceLife was there. What the hell happened with that show? I know I wasn't the only one watching. Was there ever a finale?

Hairspray is almost here:

Latifah and John Travolta

{Thanks Jennie}

The movie hits theaters July 20th. You can check out the trailer here.

Diddy thought it was a good idea to do a Bad Boy Upfront event last night:

Mario Winans, Cassie, Asim, Yung Joc, Elephant Man,Harve Pierre and Sean Diddy Combs

Y'all know Ryan Leslie was less than half a step away from his meal ticket Assie:

And Elephant Man is pure foolywang material.

People people...

While she did say the same thing about 5 years ago...
do we really need to rush this?

The Randomness:

  1. Looks like D.U.I. Hilton isn't the only one getting special treatment. Story

  2. We stopped caring 15 years ago Paula. Story

Back In Business...With The Same Girl?

There was a glitch in Blogger this morning and afternoon that prevented me from posting to YBF. They have resolved the issue (thanks to the scathing letter I sent) quickly and now we're back to the gossip....

My sources are telling me some good ish these days. And I definitely wouldn't be surprised if this tidbit had some truth to it. Word has it a certain songtress has been put on blast and her current beau has chunked the duece to their somewhat public relationship. And when they are seen looks like nothing but love. They've been kickin' it a couple years and hit up events together every now and then...mainly thowing surprise parties for each other...and rumors spread weekly about their impending nuptials happening in Nevurary. I told y'all a while back the songbird never really ended things with her married ex-boss but supposedly they are still kickin' it on the low. Boss man never liked the homerun loving current beau and there has been constant friction for years.
But now...the current beau has allegedly been slapped in the face with some foolish proof that his main chick and her boss are still an item. After he's been telling everybody an engagement is in the very near future. So after he picked up his face, he ended the relationship very recently. Apparently all pics of his ex-main chick have been removed from his myspace page and word has it he's even trying to get back with his previous ex. Yet and still...the R&B songtress' publicist is denying this entire story has any truth. Breakups to makeups...gotta love it. Same girl, same story, different day.

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Wednesday, May 30

Where's My Blade....

Hodashian and Reggie Bush were spotted by that damn omniscient TMZ making out at TAO in Vegas this weekend. And yes...they have pic prof this time. Hopefully Evan Ross will back the hell away from the Pass The Punani queen. His sexiness is slowly wearing off at the sight of this foolywang material. Ew. But please believe that still won't stop me from cuttin' a chick if I ever catch her on the street.....

In other news...Aretha says she's about to hit up the Jenny Craig diet again. She was quoted as saying:

"It's a strain because you're eating the Jenny Craig-type meals, which are very good. But you can only eat them for so long before you want some barbecue ribs or some pigs feet."

Supposedly she's losing weight for her wedding (her fiance is long time boyfriend Willie Wilkerson, Jr.) next month.

Outside Regis and Kelly yesterday

All you A.I. fans may just find Ms. Jordin refreshing. Story

Stay fab!

Candid This, Candid That

It's a boy!

The Wade family's new Zion Malachi Airamis Wade was born last night circa 9:45p cst. Sources say the baby boy is 6 pounds 11 ounces. Awwww. Congrats to Sio, Dwyane, and the fam.

Rih Rih was spotted leaving her Paris hotel yesterday:

I'm loving this bad girl look on her. Too bad I'm not loving her "music".

Halle B. was out doing her usual

Effortlessly fab. Those hot Dior shades don't hurt either.

It was family day out recently for Dame Dash, Rachel, and their daughter:

A whole lot of wrong going on round here. But I'll be nice.
What kind of hex has this Tameka chick put on Ursh?

Apparently he called in to several radio shows like Tom Joyner and Wendy Williams to demand...yes, demand...them to stop talking ish about his chick Tameka. Supposedly he threatened to "Whup [Tom's] ass" if he says anything more about Tameka or else... My laughter is uncontrollable. Anyways...Wendy likely wrote him off seeing that he cursed out out a while back on a red carpet. And Tom and co. decided to talk ish about him on their Fantastic Voyage cruise this weekend. Who's afraid of Ursh...

Foxy's first single off her upcoming comeback album is called "How We Get Down". Check it here.

The Randomness:
  1. Foolywang material doesn't deserve my time. So note to all my readers: Please do not waste any more of your precious seconds e-mailing me the rants, lies, and concoctions of a certain blogger who cannot survive without talking greasy about me and YBF. She is on permanent ignore mode on my end and I will not entertain the tomfoolery and fake beef created with her imagination. We keep it fabulous at all times here at YBF.
  2. How appropriate. Check out my favorite truth speaker Jill Scott's new track "Hate On Me" here.
  3. Word has it Quincy Jones has shot down an offer from Michael Jackson to help him produce his comeback album. Meanwhile, MJ is out and about buying music businesses.
  4. Krispy Cole was spotted leaving D.U.I. Hilton's Memorial Day Bash/Jail Sendoff party Monday. WTF? Check the vid. She needs to be worried about why her hair is still orange an if her man Jeezy is going his ass back to the slammer.

My How Things Change...

In case you missed it...

Schatar/Non Hottie's pre-reality skeez pics have hit the net. And she looks like 2 totally different people from then to now:

The sad thing is I don't even know if her current look is an upgrade. And doesn't matter that she was 13 in the first pic. Anyways...University of Pennsylvania should demand a refund of their time from this chick. Did they seriously think it was ok to award her a degree from their Ivy League institution? I'm so mad.

She's trying her damndest to stay relevant so she has an interview followup over at VH1 and another interview over at Boo.

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Tuesday, May 29

Next Up On The Ho-Dashian Train+Jill Marie Hits The Big Screen

Kim Hodashian is still playing Pass The Punani in all that is Black Hollywood. Guess who her new man is...

Word around the internet streetz is that it's MJ's son actor and Tracee Ellis Ross' brother Evan Ross. They've been spotted kickin it in the streets of Hollywood recently. Here they are on their way to dinner in LA recently:

Caught. My sources have told me that Kim is really cool with Evan's brother and that could be the reason why they've been spotted together. But like Charm School Headmistress Mo'Nique says...history says otherwise. Pure stankness. Where's my aloe hand sanitizer....

Our favorite girlfriend is about to hit the silver screen:

Or possibly a straight to DVD box near you. Anyways...Jill Marie Jones went Joan Clayton eyeglasses on our asses and has joined a Y list cast playing a nerdy wife in the upcoming film RedRum. Here's an excerpt from the synopsis of this movie:

Brian and Tanya Diggs have always been a timid, law abiding, and
somewhat nerdy couple. They’ve yearned their entire lives to just cut loose and have fun, but they don’t know how. They’ve tried everything, even therapy, and nothing seems to work. They seemed destined to live the rest of their lives in boredom and monotony.

However, late one night Brian finds himself in a challenging confrontation that causes him to finally snap, resulting in him killing someone. Brian confides in Tanya about his murderous deed. Not only has he committed murder, but surprisingly, Brian realized that he truly enjoyed it. His next attempt at murder goes awry, causing Tanya to get involved. She, too, realizes that she enjoys murder. Brian and Tanya have finally found something that gives them the thrill they’ve been seeking their entire lives…murder!

And some stills from the movie:

{Thanks Wilson}

Go back to the Bailey's commercials Jill. I've already given up on you coming back in a real role like Toni Childs. Boo.

I told y'all a while back that rumor had it Mel B. had a new boy toy--director Stephen Belafonte:

Now they've been spotted house hunting together in L.A. Word has it they're getting really close and since she's about to get broken off close to $2 mill for a Spice Girls reunion...she's upgrading her life. I guess.....