Monday, May 14

Bahama Mama Fab

Tons of celebs were in the Bahamas this weekend for the Grand Opening Weekend of The Cove Atlantis at Paradise Island:

Spikey, wifey, and Michael J. were there for the pool parties and night parties.

If it wasn't for Tyrese's chick beatin' ways......


Ashanti is just crunk somebody is still inviting her ass to ish.

Moms and sis came too.

Holly Robinson Peete looked oh so fab at the party:

And Janet and her sisters were there too:

LaToya, Reebie, and Chris Tucker

Looks like somebody is trying to cover up her bod. Even when it's hot as all hell outside.

Star Jones was there looking better than usual:

And Chris Tucker kicked it with his celebrity friends:

Chris and Michael Michelle

Damn Quincy. Rashida can't go nowhere without you trying to be all in the mix too.

Kanye and ALexis chilled with Jeremy Piven and his chick.

And of course, Tyra B. did it up Sports Illustrated style at the pool party:

Fun times!

The Randomness:
  1. It's graduation season. Congrats to ALL the YBF graduates since I know y'all are doing some fabulous things. I hit up some Howard U. graduation parties this weekend and I'm still paying for it...