Wednesday, May 16

Try Again...

'It is so tempting on film sets. They have these tables with every
kind of chocolate, every type of bread-doughnuts, rolls, and even cake.
I'd just eat pork skins because that's the closest thing to chips that I could eat. I run and do press-ups and try to stay in shape, but I can't resist chocolate.' She said, 'I eat a lot of boring things like green
vegetables. I don't eat red meat and
I don't drink alcohol-I just don't
like the taste
. I also do a lot of dancing which I think is the best

~Beyonce in Cosmopolitan magazine

So I guess it was just your shyness of the cameras that had you lookin' the fool a while back in that limo. Try again B...

Holding on to the lacefront while shopping in Paris yesterday

Shy from the paprazzi my ass. Cute look though.

I wasn't even going to post this mess but the more I read it the funnier it is. Master P clearly forgot he AND his music are irrelevant these days. He and Romeo are starting a new Take A Stand record label for all "clean" hip hop acts. And he also said his music will no longer have sexist or profane language in it anymore. *crickets*

Lady O is the latest victim of the "I tried to get my 6th toe removed" syndrome. Them thangs look painful.

Kelly performed at the 55th annual BMI Pop Awards yesterday in Beverly Hills:

Her people need to jack that baby oil and

The Randomness:

  1. Oh yes. The CW has announced that Girlfriends will be making a comeback next well as The Game. They finally made a good move and cancelled All of Us. If only they could bring back Half and Half...

  2. MLK's oldest daughter Yolanda King has passed away.