Tuesday, September 18

Alicia Keys Lies For Proactiv?+OJ Still Hasn't Learned

I'm all for chicks going makeup-less when just toting around town:

But when you're the damn spokesmodel for an acne product....you better fake it till you make it. Either Proactiv should be sued for false advertisement...or Alicia ran out a while back. Maybe she picked some up on this Bev. Hills shopping trip yesterday.

Where in the trashy mullet hell does OJ find these chicks?:

Oh yes. These are pics of his lil boo. Some folks never learn. I'm not sayin'...but I'm just sayin'.

Here's some new portrait pics of Rihanna:


UPDATE: These possibly aren't new...but they're staying up anyway.

And the self proclaimed 3 kings of NY hit up the remix for 50's "I Get Money". Ish is hot though.