Friday, September 7

Shaunie Got Secrets?+Urshmeka's On the Move

Maybe Shaq wasn't lying when he said Shaunie was witholding some assets and had the court order her to turn over everything. As of yesterday, Shaunie's been cancelling appearances and events left and right--namely her 1st ever Real Model Foundation charity event she was supposed to do with her ex hubby at Hip.e Boutique. And a rep for the boutique is calling a foul on her exclusively to YBF:

With divorce pending, Shaquille O’Neal’s wife, Shaunie O’Neal, has reneged her participation in several upcoming social events in South Florida, home of Shaq’s Miami Heat. Most noted on her cancellation list was a fashion event that Shaunie was to host at the fashion hot spot Hip.e boutique, located on Miracle Mile. The event was to be held at Hip.e boutique on September 27th to benefit Shaq and Shaunie’s charity entitled The Real Model Foundation.

This news immediately follows recent reports that Shaunie may have been “secretive about her assets” during their five year marriage. Perhaps the recently split couple should have called the organization the Role Model Foundation after all, since it seems that a certain someone may have been playing just that…a role - and not keeping it real!

Sounds like some folks know a side a Shaunie the public doesn't see....yet.

Usher is reportedly selling his Alpharetta, GA 5 br/4.5 bath mansion. He bought it from L.A. Reid in '98 for 1.2 mill and is selling it for 1.95 mill. Y'all know he and the wifey need more room for the 5 kids. But that a circular sateen couch? Stop it.