Thursday, September 20

Kelly Rowland Thinks She Can Be Somebody Else's Psychologist+Other Fabness

"I love kids and I feel that young people need someone to talk to. There's so much going on with this new generation, they're being exposed to so much stuff. They have so many questions and sometimes feel they can't talk to anybody."


Kelly talked about becoming a child psychologist recently. Ironic. I put 5 on it each kid will get a Dereon parting gift.

Rih Rih's on the pages of Canada's Fashion magazine.

Diddy hosted his fragrance launch party for "Unforgivable Woman" last night:

Mama Retha was there....disappearing pearls and all.

I swear I wouldn't be able to spot nan one of these B5 boys on the street.

Adrienne Bailon thought she was gettting her grown and sexy on:

Boo...the Herve Leger dress only flatters chicks who look like they're over the age of 15.

Damn B. Has chick just been getting caught off guard lately? Her pics these days look like she just turned around and was surprised to see a camera.

Yeah we see you in the background Jay.

Ok Ms. Eartha.

Diddy's also challenging his ex J-Lo and the other celeb women with perfumes. He says his is bettter than all of theirs.

The Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network Launch party went down last night in the NYC:

Mashonda and D-Nice were there.

Nikki Dee, Valeisha Butterfield and Sylvia Rhone

Game's ex-chick Valeshia Butterfield was there since she's one of the co-founder of this org. She's looking fabulous by the way.

Oh Laurie Ann.

And the founders posed for a pic.

Eddie and Tracey are still playing that role:

They were spotted at the Good Luck Chuck premiere this week.

And because we can never get enough:

Now the plot and some video have been leaked from the new SATC movie.

Damn Carrie Bradshaw and those Dior shoes...

And finally, Naomi was spotted walking in Boy George's show during London Fashion Week this week:


As if the candids of them yesterday all cuddly at the Maxim party weren't enough:

Y'all aint slick Gabby and Hill. At all.

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