Thursday, August 30

Come Get Ya Man Ashanti

Nelly is up to some misbehavior these days. Last night at JD's party at Studio 72 in Atlanta, Nelly became extra acquainted with the non-stop talking Flavor of Love chick Crystal. YBF snitches say they spotted both Nelly and Crystal in the VIP area damn near about to get a ticket for indecent exposure. The source reports:

Nelly had about 3 bodyguards with him and when he was walking by Crystal (Flavor of Love Charm School) he may as well had screwed her right there on the dance floor, for a hot second they were all into one another.

They definitely had a lot of that drank. Especially since before Nelly even spotted her in VIP, she reportedly was randomly getting her toes orally "serviced" by some dude who will clearly regret that ish today. Damn.

And word on the street is that Nelly has gotten a stripper named Precious (*sigh*) in the ATL preggers. And sources say she's already had the baby. Is that another reason he was conveniently in the ATL last night? Hmmm. Ish sounds off the rocker. But I'm just the messenger....

The Randomness:
  1. Check out Keyshia Cole's new track "Shouda Let You Go" here.
  2. And here's a leaked track off 50's Curtis album called "All of Me" ft. MJB.