Monday, September 3

Diddy & Friends Do The Hamptons

Oh yes. It's that time again folks. Diddy hosted his annual Labor Day weekend white party in The Hamptons yesterday. And folks looked pretty damn fab:

Say what you want about the Diddy but dude keeps his sons looking fly. And if that lil Christian Combs aint the SPITTING image of his daddy:

Damn near scary.

Selita was there sans her armpiece Nick:

Rocking the new Black Hollywood staple Herve Leger dress.

Egypt was there.

Mimi showed up reminding me of that chick who shows up to church confused about if she should have worn that dress to church or to the club.

Hot damn Momma Combs is still lookin a hot ass mess:


And y'all already know Star and GAl showed up:

Besides me stating the obvious...that Star is looking fabulous these days. Vicky Beckham must have gotten a hold of her ass. And hell....snaps for the kid too.

Gorgeous chick Denise Vasi was there with her man.

Lil Kim hit up the party:

Welcome to 2007 Kim. Let's try something a lil new shall we.

Dawn from Danity Kane was there.

So was Dennis the Menace.

And Brian Cox brought some friends.

In non Hamptons fabness, Na Na Campbell hit up Nelson Mandela's Gala in Monte Carlo:

Chick kills it everytime.

The Randomness:

  1. I can't take it.

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