Friday, September 14

Mya Mistakes Herself For An A-Lister+Fashionistas Take Manhattan

According to New York Magazine, Mya acted a donkey and pulled out all the diva stops at the Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Show this week. Apparently she was salty that she didn't get A-list treatment:

Just for fun, let's try a blind item for you gossip aficionados. Which
ubiquitous, young(ish) singer didn't get seated with the other cool kids at Tommy Hilfiger's show and spent the entire production pulling a completely petulant bitchface?

Lucky for you, we love you too much to leave you hanging. It was
Mya, who, to be fair, was so precariously crammed onto the end of her front-row bleacher that she probably had to concentrate pretty hard on not slipping off and falling on her ass. She made no effort to hide her irritation at this snub and spent the whole show pulling every face in the book (except a decent poker face). Considering the fact that she was also seated in Siberia at JustSweet last night, we suspect she may be considering firing her press rep.

I mean, I like Mya and all...but somebody tap this chick and explain what her real status and role is. I see she's not real clear on that.

Liya Kebede, Iman, Bethann Hardison and Naomi Campbell

YBF model and celeb chicks hit up the Blacks in Fashion: A Panel Discussion on the Lack of Black Images in Today's Fashion Output event. It was at The Bryant Park Hotel in New York City today:


Oh Rachel.

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  1. Fashion Week is over and the fellas can get a recap of the designers that are looking out for them. Good ish.

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