Wednesday, September 19

Candids & Rumors

Just in time for tonight's premiere of ANTM 9:

Tyra as spotted out and about in the NYC last night. Fab. And let the whackness that is the only show on tv where losing is really the best thing that could happen to you begin.

{Click Pic}

So nobody's going to talk about how Trick Daddy, Freeway, and Rick Ross look like they all escaped the same womb?

Mel B.'s former housekeeper is saying she never took care of her kids. She ran off to elope leaving the kid with the keeper for 4 days....without the salty nanny knowing about it. And she's still partying it up all the things may not have changed much. Damn Mel B.

Prince was spotted out an event last night:

I have never seen this man without a set of twins nearby.

Remy Ma is back to the foolywang material that is her Forever 21 wardrobe:

She was all up in the events last night.

Lil Mama and Clef hit some up too:

Still trying to keep her lipgloss poppin'.

Word is buzzing that Egypt is leaving Power 105.1 real soon. And that's not all. YBF has confirmed that Ms. Egypt will be returning to tv real soon too. She's moving to the Maury Povich show as the special correspondent on pop culture. I wouldn't be surprised if this rumor holds water all because of this new stint. Interesting.

And in non-YBF news, here's the first pics from the set of the new Sex and the City movie:

Source: ONTD/Just Jared

Those shoes alone are upping my anticipation factor for this movie. Can't f'in wait.