Monday, September 24

Lisa Raye's 41st B-Day Party+Rih Rih Goes Dominatrix

Lisa Raye had her 41st birthday party at Studio 40 in Beverly Hills last night:

Of course her man Dr. Michael Misick was right by her side.


Her daughter Kai was there.

And I'monvinced Lisa had other folks look like foolywang material just so they don't upstage her at her own ish.

Dorian Wilson clearly has a love for prints. But they don't love him.

Teena Marie brought along her goddaughter Gail Gotti.

The Martins were there looking cozy:

Can't say I'm feeling Tisha's hair and makeup...the outfit is pretty cute.

Oh Golden:

The only thing cute in this picture are those YSL shoes. Get it together mama.

Da Brat still doesn't want to be 34:


Rolanda Watts was there:

And so was Shondrella Avery.

Mo'Nique made an appearance sans her hubby.

Dawn Lewis rocked a lot of blue.

Loretta Divine came out.

Kiki Shephard really never ages.

Kym Whitley was there.

Not really feeling this look on Neicy.

Kenya Moore was there.

And hot damn Nicole Murphy:

If somebody lit a match....

Rihanna hit the stage for a concert in Toronto this weekend:

The schoolgirl dominatrix thing has its hot factor I guess.

The Randomness:

  1. Ashanti talks about going on that cayenne pepper diet.

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