Wednesday, May 2

A Whole Lot Of Juice...

The Simmons girls had an after party at Ultra for their New York Launch of their new Pastry sneaker line:

So Angela decided to flip her look a bit...

And Angela looked pretty fab too.

Nik made an appearance with her date Miguel.

And Remy Ma brought the foolishness:

What is this ish Remy?!

Moving on...

Adrienne B. and Irv Gotti were there.

Fun times.

So Toasteee's the newest victim of the Vivid Ent. sex tape release. She claims she didn't give her permission for it to be released...but she's choosing to save her money for her medical degree as opposed to spending money to sue Vivid. B*tch please.

Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods spent some QT on the golf course yesterday.

They were at the Pro-Am prior to the 2007 Wachovia Championship held at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, North Carolina:

Grown and sexiness indeed.

Jada Pinkett Smith teamed up with Duracell for the Promote Child Safety and The Power of Parents launch this week:
It was at the Preschool of America in NY. I'm loving the look.

Everybody that has anything to do with the BBE needs to be slapped three times for this here nonsense:
So Danity Kane was in concert the other day looking a RaveForever21H&Mhookergonewrong MESS. I understand that they don't have a stylist...but that sh*t is no excuse. Diddy....we all know you don't give a damn that Mama Combs walks around this piece looking like a burnt tangerine....but these ladies deserve at least one stylist. Cheap ass....

And I used to think Diddy made D-Woods cover her body up even though she is pretty much the baddest chick in the whole group. But now...I see it's just that she's the only one with some damn sense.

I'm done.

Christina M. hit up the Boots Health and Beauty Line US launch Tuesday looking fab:
And Jill Marie Jones made an appearance there too. I'm sure that look was cuter in person...I hope.

Come get ya sister. Milky Jean is out of line for this.

Check out Robin Thicke's brand new vid for "Can You Believe"
here. Cute.

The Randomness:
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  2. And so the baby daddy sagas continue...Story and Story
  3. Check out this song by Usher and Kellz called "Same Girl".
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