Monday, September 10

Boy Stop.

Kanye is extra pissy about not winning last night and only performing in the suites:

"Why did I perform in just a suite? Justin's my boy, but even he gets to perform in both a suite and on the main stage? Something's wrong here."

-Kanye's newest b*tch fit about getting shorted by The Man

"That's two years in a row, man ... I'm trying hard, man, I have the ... #1
record, man."

-On why he told MTV he's never coming back to the VMA's ever again after not winning nan an award.


I mean...I honestly agree with Kanye. But clearly he hasn't realized throwing a tantrum doesn't help. Dude pitched a full out fit backstage I hear. Funny funny.

“You know, my views and focus never change. They remain the same, about trying to find a cleaner way to live, and to be safer, you know? And maybe we should be a little more careful about social mores instead of this loose living that everybody’s gotten caught up in. We’ve lost our moral values a little bit. That’s what I was touching on. I believe as an artist, my nature is to speak. Do I think we need to readdress how we clean ourselves? Yeah. It took a long time for soap to catch on. Now everyone uses soap. So let’s be a little more clean, you guys. Let’s not be germophobic, but let’s be clean when we can.”

-On why Terrance Howard still believes women should use baby wipes instead of toilet paper.


Boy stop.