Saturday, April 7

So This Is What Journalistic Integrity Is These Days?

And people wonder why many Black women in America feel under appreciated in society:

Because ignorant trash such as this (and both of these tv personalities from Imus in the Morning have been praised by journalistic media in the past), get on tv and say extremely degrading and condescending remarks like it's nothing. I can't decide if I'm more mad at this whack ass apology or the fact that these two MSNBC hosts called...with no hesitation...the Rutger b-ball players "nappy headed hos" and "jiggaboos" as if they had every right to say it on a national tv show. Because clearly--to say things like this so nonchalantly--both of these men say such remarks on the daily.

I'm not necessarily surprised, but I am disgusted. I expect more from MSNBC. And the PBS clip isn't any better. My only question....who's getting fired and who's going to rehab?

Folks can get pissy about hip hop music including "b*tches and hos"...but not this? Since most of mainstream America could give a sh*t about this here story(hence the minimal mainstream coverage and uproar), MSNBC's contact info is here:

And you can also contact their sponsors. We shouldn't have to wait for Russey and Al to start a protest for us to take action against the network.

On a lighter note...HAPPY EASTER!