Monday, September 17

Mini Fab

Ms. Keys' new album cover is here:

Very old school fab.

Halle was spotted shopping for baby clothes out in Westwood with moms:

And word has it that Aretha Franklin said to hell with J-Hud, she wants the HB to play her in her upcoming biopic. Damn.

Baby Z was spotted out on the town as usual with Momma Angie:

Who is looking mighty preggers right there. Hmmmmm...

Nas and Kelis got all kissy kissy at his b-day party at TAO in Vegas:

His BFF Chris Webber was there too. They stay having these themed b-day parties huh?

Gotta love her. Nas and Kelis got stalked by the paparazzi the other night too. And their bodyguard wasn't having it.

Here's a few shots from T.I.'s new video for "Hurt":

Those damn Mowry kids never age:

Hittin up Les Deux lookin' like they just stepped foot off the Sister Sister set.

And Tyra is a fool for this interview with Rih Rih:

For real.

The Randomness:
  1. Ashanti thought it was a good idea to release another track. It's called "After The Club". This and that "Switch" foolishness are not good signs boo boo.....