Monday, February 19

All-Star Wrap Up

Yesterday was the last day of All-Star weekend. And for those of you still in that weekend haze...check out the rest of the pics from the celeb studded weekend:

All kinds of celebs hit up the VitaminWater party at the Wynn hotel:

Kelis...this must stop. I mean...really.

Slim Thugga and Hov need to have a contest to measure all that lip action...

Gabby kicked it with some NFLers.

And Boris Kodjoe.

Scottie Pippen and his chick were there.
So was Cici.

I would LOVE for Meagan to just try to get a dfferent look.

Wayne was there.

Shaq clearly thought this was a pimps and hos party.

Solo and a friend
And JD was there acting busy too.

YBF chicks Nia Long and Shaun Robinson hit up the VW.I.P. Experience 5-on-5 Drive Challenge at the Fashion Show Mall yesterday:


And cutie Caron Butler was there too.

And pver at the So So Derrty Party:

Lisa Raye and her sister Da Brat kicked it.

So did Nelly.

Ali and Big Gipp

Diddy hosted an All Star after party at Rain nightclub:

Bilal...where you been?!

And DK chick Dawn was there. I hear they fired their stylist a while back. That explains so much.....

Luda and Jamie need to be slapped for even being seen and performing at STD Hilton's Vegas b-day bash this weekend:

So neither of y'all saw her racist ass videos? Mmhmmm....

Flavor Flav showed up to Magic Johnson's Alize party:


Kobe and Bron hit up the Nike party with their main chicks:

Vanessa looks like she was caught playing dress up at the MAC counter but the employees found out and whooped her ass.

Yep...these two were definitely trying to hide the pregnancy.

Mya and Bone Thugs in Harmony were at the Interscope/Geffen A&M Party Hosted by LeBron James:

And leave it to BET to have the most ghetto fabulous All-Star party. Everybody who showed up looked like they passed the foolywang test with flying colors at the door:


What in the anorexic hell??? Somebody needs to throw more than some D's on this dude Rich Boy. Dude is making T.I. look like a piece of chocolate thunder

And Keyshia:

Are you serious?


*Double Sigh*

Get a new outfit Twista.

Golden's back to looking like both her weave and her skin itch like hell...

Moving on from this foolishness quickly....

Kevin Liles hosted his annual All-Star brunch yesterday:

Gabby, Russell, and Kevin kicked it.

So did T.I. and Solange. I guess Tiny couldn't take her very preggers self out to all the festivities.

Star and Russell

Beyonce was there chattin' it up with folks.

Not quite feelin' this fit--especially not that Dereon tunic.

And Jay and Jeezy hit up the brunch:

Fun times.

And finally, celebs were all over the courtside seats at the game last night:

Diddy and Prince

Umm are Eva and her Gucci shades allowed on the court?

And Beyonce, Jay, Jeezy, Ciara, and Kelly Rowland sat courtside too:

That's a wrap on All-Star weekend folks.

Stay fab!