Tuesday, May 29

Next Up On The Ho-Dashian Train+Jill Marie Hits The Big Screen

Kim Hodashian is still playing Pass The Punani in all that is Black Hollywood. Guess who her new man is...

Word around the internet streetz is that it's MJ's son actor and Tracee Ellis Ross' brother Evan Ross. They've been spotted kickin it in the streets of Hollywood recently. Here they are on their way to dinner in LA recently:

Caught. My sources have told me that Kim is really cool with Evan's brother and that could be the reason why they've been spotted together. But like Charm School Headmistress Mo'Nique says...history says otherwise. Pure stankness. Where's my aloe hand sanitizer....

Our favorite girlfriend is about to hit the silver screen:

Or possibly a straight to DVD box near you. Anyways...Jill Marie Jones went Joan Clayton eyeglasses on our asses and has joined a Y list cast playing a nerdy wife in the upcoming film RedRum. Here's an excerpt from the synopsis of this movie:

Brian and Tanya Diggs have always been a timid, law abiding, and
somewhat nerdy couple. They’ve yearned their entire lives to just cut loose and have fun, but they don’t know how. They’ve tried everything, even therapy, and nothing seems to work. They seemed destined to live the rest of their lives in boredom and monotony.

However, late one night Brian finds himself in a challenging confrontation that causes him to finally snap, resulting in him killing someone. Brian confides in Tanya about his murderous deed. Not only has he committed murder, but surprisingly, Brian realized that he truly enjoyed it. His next attempt at murder goes awry, causing Tanya to get involved. She, too, realizes that she enjoys murder. Brian and Tanya have finally found something that gives them the thrill they’ve been seeking their entire lives…murder!

And some stills from the movie:

{Thanks Wilson}

Go back to the Bailey's commercials Jill. I've already given up on you coming back in a real role like Toni Childs. Boo.

I told y'all a while back that rumor had it Mel B. had a new boy toy--director Stephen Belafonte:

Now they've been spotted house hunting together in L.A. Word has it they're getting really close and since she's about to get broken off close to $2 mill for a Spice Girls reunion...she's upgrading her life. I guess.....