Thursday, February 15

Mini Fab

Look who was spotted out and about on a dinner date the other day:

I can't even focus on who this dude is because I'm blinded by the shiny lacefront glue. This pic of Tyra should be a walking Public Service Anouncement for anybody who is NOT a celeb who thinks rockin' a lacefront on the daily is ok. The ish is only "passable" in photoshoots and with a highly trained make up artist. If you lack both of those--your forehead looks like it has a light buried beneath it shining on your glue. Stop it Tyra.

Here's some pics of Kelly that were going to be used for her My Story (now titled Ms. Kelly) album:

*Sigh* Why oh why does she allow herself to get pushed out of the picture for some damn No-lange Knowles? Word has it her album is still getting pushed back and will be released "Early 2007". And coveniently, Solo's latest album--I don't even feel like looking up the name of it--is getting re-released. Are they serious? Kelly has been working on this album since early 2005. And she said in a recent interview the release will happen "soon" and the next single is called "Like This" ft. Eve. Did I miss the first single? Performing a song on the MTV Asia awards does not a single make Ms. Kelly. I see a YBF prayer circle needs to be formed so this chick can grow a pair and move on....

Baltimore Raven baller Ovie Mughelli's people sent over a promo pic for you ladies who like the thick sexual chocolate:


Jenny's on the block in Berlin doing Bordertown promos and attending the Berlin Film Fest:

No one can rock the "IT" color of the spring season (white) more fabulously. And congrats to her for being the first person ever to have a #1 song in Spanish on TRL.

And how did I miss this Grammy pic?:

Pregnant much?

Check out Bow Wow's new video for "Outta My System":

I hear T.I. ghostwrote the track. Hmmmm. Get it here if the vid doesn't show up for you.