Thursday, April 19

Celebs Out & About

YBF chick Amerie was spotted out in London doing some autograph signage:

Hotness. And yes, she's still in a serious relationship with her manager (on the right). Interesting.

B was out on the town last night in Manhattan:

I'm just not feelin' this allover Euro shag look she's been rockin' as of late. And her lips remind me of my 2 year old nephew's after his "urnge" popscicles. Me no likey.

Word is that Raven is dropping her 4th album in November. She says its a mix of pop, R&B, and rock. So......the usual. Chick is looing fabulous these days though.
And Raven's Cheetah Girl "friend" Kiely has been busy:

Supposedly she's now dating uber producer J.R. Rotem who just so happens to be one of Shitney Spears' exes. What is with these chicks picking at Brit's leftovers? Whatever...Kiely must've been extra crunk about finally getting those teeth fixed. But real talk...can he produce something worthy of my ears for this chick for once? 3LW aint been the same since their "Playas Gon' Play" days.

Cutie Trey Songz hit up the Vegas Foot Locker yesterday for The Boost Mobile Brand Jordan Celebrity ShowCase:

Ed Lover was there.

And so was the greasiness that is Jim Jones:


And finally, Tracey Mourning hosted the 5th Annual "Hats Off" Luncheon to Benefit the Honey Shine Mentoring Program yesterday in Miami Beach:

ANTM reject Anchal even made an appearance.

And so did Holly Robinson Peete.

The Randomness:

  1. Due to a crazy overwhelming response, the RSVP list has been cut off for the YBF Meet and Greet/B-Day party. More details here.
  2. I really just need Maury to have a show dedicated to scandalous baby daddies Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy. Story