Friday, February 23

Pre-Oscar Fab

All the pre-Oscar parties are going down right now in the Wood. Celebs came out to the Vanity Fair Vanity Fair's Sixth Annual Amped Concert at Boulevard3:

Clearly WE'RE the ones who need to be rockin the stunna shades with those neon yellow teeth. And why are you and Whit "trying to be friends"? Y'all need to speak at minimum because trust...THAT is what's best for Bobbi Kristina at this point. Stop it Bobby.

Oooh Bobby took a bath...

Or maybe not....

Will.I.Am and Natalie Cole were there.

See what Kanye started....

So there was no dress code?

Macy Gray performed. She has a new album hitting stores soon under Will.I.Am's label.

Shondrella Avery

Stacy Keibler and Djimon Hounsou

And Vanessa Williams looked fab at the party.

J-Hud hit up the MAC Luncheon honoring her at the SoHo House in LA:

I'm loving her springy look. Her stylist Andre is doing a damn good job these days.

Eva M. hit up the Silver Spoon Suite again yesterday for some Pre-Oscar free swag:

Cute Fendi Bag.

The Los Angeles Confidential Magazine Oscar Party Honoring Forest Whitaker went down yesterday:

T.O. and John Sally

MJB was there.

And Isaiah is back to partying after his rehab stint. But on the real...can his wife go to rehab for that hideous bubble jacket? Just wondering...

Fonsworth Bently made his way on the guest list I see. He was spotted chatting it up with Forest.

And Keisha and Forest got their cute couple on at the party:


Bow Wow was there too:

Fun times.

Boris, Nicole, and their baby were at the Haven House pre-Oscar suite:

And Three Six Mafia, Hill Harper, and Sean were spotted there too:

And celebs hit up the Ebony Pre-Oscar party last night too:

Shaun Robinson

Halle looked simply gorgeous in her gold fabulousness:

And Halle's mom Judith was her date.

Janet was there with Jackie Jackson:

Jimmy Jam and wife Lisa

Jermaine Jackson made a surprise appearance:

Damn Jermaine...just....damn.

Bow Wow was serious about making his rounds last night I see:


And very preggers Kim Fields hit up the red carpet:


And in non-Oscar news:

This is what happens when you're a grown ass man with ya momma as your manager. Ursh's mom Jonetta Patton is highly pissy about him being engaged to Tameka. She was the one who fired her as his stylist when those cheating photos leaked.
NY Daily news has the story. And I know for a fact it rings the truth. Damn shame...