Monday, April 2

Are You Serious Tiffany Pollard?

Ok. I admit it. I watched this whole damn season of I Love New York. Yes, I have an addiction to reality tv that must be stopped, but that's besides the point. Just as I predicted, this finale was foolywang material. She chose Tango in the end which was definitely for the best (Chance clearly doesn't even get down with females on that tip), but they went and messed up a good ending with a damn proposal.
This man
Patrick "Tango" Hunter (who by the way really needs to stop making signs for his own name--he's a grown ass man) broke down and proposed to NY and this heffa accepted because she thought it was for TV. But she looked real confused when he said this ish was real. The look on her face was priceless. Please keep in mind peoples they tape this show over a period of 3 weeks. So I put money on it we'll find out at the reunion show things are not all crack and daisies between Tango and NY. Until then...I wish them the best....

And did anybody else peep Chance's exit off the show. He put Ms. Tiffany and Sister Patterson on blast in a serious way. Loves it!