Sunday, April 29

Radio One Springfest 2007

Radio One's Springfest 2007 concert went down in Miami this weekend. And trust's worth talking about:

Ummm Yung Joc? Whose diet plan are you on? T.I.'s? Rich Boy's? Crack's? I'm just sayin....


Diddy was there of course.

So was DJ Unk and his crusty lips.

Lil Mama made an appearance sans her lipgloss.

Da Shop Boyz did it up rockstar style.

Cot damn! I don't give a damn if I had $3 in my pocket....T-Pain COULD NOT buy me any kind of drink. Real talk. And word has it he got arrested this weekend while partying a bit too hard in the MIA.

Eve looked fabulous surprisingly:

I need these But wait...they allowed her to leave the state after she posted bail the other day? Hmm....

Lloyd was there making the girls go nuts:

Am I the only one who finds the last pic funny?

Wow. Can we please all donate to the "Shake that ass" music makers retirement fund?


Ricky Ross hit the stage...looking like he's about to collapse.

Trey Songz was there:

So was Rich Boy.

And Jim "I hate baths" Jones was there.

Damn. Hard times Shaggy?

The Randomness:

  1. Usher says any new music of his circulating the net isn't really new. They're just underground unreleased tracks from Confessions or just music for the streets. None of them will be on his new album.
  2. It's on and poppin tomorrow night! If you didn't make the RSVP list for my B-day party/YBF Meet and Greet gong down Tuesday night...get in the place early! Eyebar, Washington DC, 6p.

Stay fab!