Monday, April 16

Wooo Chile! A NY Reunion+Other Unfabness

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan WTF was that foolywang material that goes by the title of I Love New York Reunion last night?

After I recovered from rolling off my couch after laughing my ass off at Real's goldilocks hair and Chance countin' out 20's like he ballin'...I realized that this ish is more sad than funny. And why was Ninja Turtle Tango still trying to fight White Boy and Chance?

Did Romance really get on stage gettin' crunk on NY because his feminine ass ended up in a few laminated weekly mags? Did he really think he was doin' something and proving anything other than the fact that he has some "tendencies" he needs to handle up on?

NY got played when when Mr. Boston's identical twin came on the show and played the Mr. Boston role. Her nasty ass was kissing strangers and didn't even know it...And this whole thing with Pumkin and Boston being a couple now was straight for the Charm School promo...

And just when I thought I wasted an hour of my life...yet again...

Tango upped and DROPPED her ass on national tv. Pure comedy. But I'm sure all this was another big stunt for a I Love NY 2 or a Strange Love Part 2: NY and Chance. Boo.

Bitter much NY? Oh, and note to Sister Patterson: Bangs will NEVER cover that forehead and hairline that starts at the crown of your head. I can't recap this mess anymore. You must catch one of the 865 reruns to get the whole foolywangness.

Reunion pics via Flavor of Love Blog

The Rush East New York Celebration was hosted By Russell Simmons:


Damn Kevin Liles. Clearly you and T.I. are in a manorexia competition and you may just be winning. Eat a sammich!

And y'all know KiKi was there teaching her daughter how to stunt.

Awww it's daddy/daughter time.

Speaking of daddy/daughter days:

Our fave YBF baby Zahara made an ice cream run to Baskin Robbins with Daddy Pitt in Hollywood yesterday. I can't believe she's 2 now. Too Cute.

Fab chick Keisha Whitaker (Forest's wife) hit up the Race to Erase MS charity event this weekend:


But that Tracy Ellis Ross:

Straight fell off.

Nothing cute about this look at all. Naathin I say.

Kelis and Dania Ramirez visited Soul Kitchen at The Forge in Miami last night:

That head...

Guess who's making a video:

Oh yes. MTB 3 reject Denosh is on the comeback and trying to show Diddy she's bout something. She shot a video in Toronto this weekend:

Keep tryin' boo....

Beyonce was spotted out and about in NYC before she left for Japan last week:

Damn that "My hairline is crying silently" Ashanti ponytail she's rockin'.

Jenny's been spotted on set of a new movie she's in with Forest Whitaker on the LA set of the film Winged Creature:

Looking rough as all hell but I still gots love for J-Hud. The movie is about a group of strangers who are brought together after a random shooting happens in the diner they're all at.

The Randomness:

  1. Kelly Rowland has a "Like This remix" with Sean Paul here.

  2. Hot damn my day has officially been upgraded. D'Angelo has a brand new track that's leaked to the net called "Really Love". Come back D'Angelo!

  3. All the students at Virginia Tech are in my thoughts and prayers. Story I have an idea of how difficult it is to suffer through a disaster while in school. This is absolutely horrible...esp. since the death count has gone up to 30 now.