Wednesday, April 11

Candids Galore

Keyshia C. was spotted out and about recently:

She has the potential to be fab, but it's times like these right here that make me want to slap her:

She performed with her man Jeezy a while back in Tampa. This neon orange braided mess aint even poppin' in the hood no more Keyshia. Get it together. can tell he loves him some Key Key.

YBF chick Rachel Smith was in the YMI Jeanswear Fashion Show in LA last night:

She strutted the runway with the YMI President.

Here's a few pics from B's Tokyo show yesterday:

Come on back to the CGU boo....come on back.

Victoria Rowell was at her book signing party for The Women Who Raised Me: A Memoir yesterday:

Fab. On The View this morning she talked about her book and her trials and tribulations of being a biracial child who was adopted by white women.

Damn. What's the deal with Disney kids geting arrested. First Chelsea from That's So Raven was arrested on drug charges, now Eddie (Orlando Brown) from the show has been too. Get it together peoples.

Eddie Murphy was spotted in LA on set of his new film Starship David. He says this one is going to be big. Keep hope alive Eddie. And can somebody around this piece order his paternity test for Mel B.'s baby please??

Kelly looked fab hitting up the Figure Skating in Harlem event yesterday:

Rockin' the Hermes belt.

And here are some pics of Fanny practicing her "Celie" role for The Color Purple:

Am I the only one weary of her performance thanks to the horrifying acting job in her own life story on Lifetime?

Celebs turned out for the Complex Mag 5th anniversary party last night at Area nightclub in LA:

I see you Spinderella.

The Cheetah Girls


Damian Wayans

And J-Lo was on American Idol last night dishing out singing advice:

Yeah I found that funny too. But she's still a fab chick though.

Stay fabulous!