Thursday, April 12

YBF Review: Perfect Stranger

I was out of town all day today--hence the lack of posts--but I came back just in time to hit up the screening of Perfect Stranger. Thanks to Leslie over at Urban Socialite for the fabulous invite. Good looking out. Here's my review:

So it's the typical suspense joint with sporadic comedy (mainly due to Halle's character Ro cursing everybody out through the whole movie) and a twist. Ro has discovered that her friend has been murdered, and being the investigator that she is, she decides the police department isn't doing a good enough job of actually declaring it a murder and solving it. So she decides to go undercover with the help of her friend Miles Haley (Giovanni Ribisi) and his computer intelligence to scope out the real killer. They begin with Bruce Willis' character Harrison Hill, who is a suspect powerful ad exec, and things get deadly from there.

Suspense films are my favorite type of movies, so it's hard not to please me. But I must say, the ending of this movie makes you pissed that you just sat through the full 2 hours. There are unrealistic events like Ro and Miles trying to trace where the poison came from that supposedly killed Ro's friend--and using only that evidence to link the person in possession of the poison to the murder. And predictable events that you can see from the jump like how much Miles is feelin' Ro, but she has her eyes set on someone else. And of course all of that leads to some ugly happenings.

The story line has great potential (who doesn't love rich powerul men caught up in murders, extramarital sexcapades, and their crazy ass wives?), but the lack of details and realism pretty much kill it. And I still don't understand how the title has anthing to do with the movie. However, the actors played the hell out the roles as much as they could.

Heels Up: Good story line, funny scenes with chatroom sex, and Gary Dourdan's sexy self playing Halle's cheating boyfriend

Heels Down-Halle's wardrobe could have been much better, the story still doesn't tie all together at the end, and the fact that the audience was dying laughing throughout the ending of the movie (which was supposed to be serious and scary) says a lot

Here's a clip from the movie:

Perfect Stranger hits theaters tomorrow. YBF rating: B-