Saturday, April 21

Weekend Fab+Fabulinks

Sooooooo what's the damn deal Tip Harris?

@ the Vibe offices a week and a half ago

Last time I checked you had chunked Tiny the duece. But I'm not even surprised....

Here's a random baby pic of Ursher:

Too cute.

So did Justine Simmons give the Hype Hair people a pic of Vanessa Williams and say "Work it out."?:

And do people still read this mag?

Speaking of Vanessa Williams, she's showing her goodies in an upcoming issue of Allure:

It's for the May issue of Allure's "Look Better Naked" pictorial by Michael Thompson.

And WTF Swizz Beatz:


There is no reason or no costume party...ever...that offers an excuse for this. I swear if this pic doesn't personify the state of hip hop...



  1. Damn that Michael K for making me fall out behind Sasha's crazy eyes~Dlisted

  2. No for real....somebody really come wipe this chick down~Freshalina

  3. The sad ass state of hip hop~Cake

  4. this heffa thought going upside somebody's head with a cell phone was comical?~The Superficial

  5. Lenny is not preserving his sexy~Popsugar

  6. Stop it Diddy~The B Life

  7. It's Men's Fashion Week and Claire's covering it all~The Fashion Bomb

Keep it fab!