Sunday, April 29

YBF Review: Mya's "Liberation"

Because YBF has eyes and ears everywhere...Jennifer (the new YBF New York Correspondent) hit up Mya's exclusive listening session on her first assignment.
Check out her review for YBF:

The listening session lended itself to a friendly debate on whether Mya’s vibe
was closer to Beyonce’s, Ciara’s or Alicia’s. Huh? In my opinion,
Mya occupies a category all her own. Some of the attending press
also questioned her manufactured-style, claiming the label hasn’t fully
developed her as an artist. But there’s proof that decent singing + great
dancing = a good performer who can sell albums. Janet’s been doing it for years! Now on to the review…

Liberation is supposed to be Mya’s most personal album to date, since she didn’t
feel the public really knew her. Mya always felt compelled to put out music that
matched her looks. But what is music from a long-haired beauty with a fabulous
version of a dancer's body supposed to sound like? If that were the case,
everyone from Beyonce to Amel Larieux would sound like Apollonia.
Nonetheless, her album was filled with aggressive beats, served up by big-name producers like Scott Storch, Bryan-Michael Cox, and J.R. Rotem
(responsible for K-Fed’s “America’s Most Hated” – no comment), just to name a few.

The album kicks off with the progressive, bass-laced track “I Am”,
which features Charli Baltimore, who appeared out of think air - but
she brought it. Mya declares “she’ll have you feeling like you just got
high,” which is bold and a little dirty, just like that KING
interview (ya’ll know the one)! “Walka Not a Talka”, a contender for the second single, was one of my faves. You could really hear Mya’s voice soar as she called herself a “b*tch that got a plan”. This could easily be a summer anthem with heavy beats and Moroccan pipes. I can just see Mya dancing around in a
harem on Access Granted. By now you’ve already heard her current Scott Storch track, “Lock U Down,” which is the perfect sing-along-song that you can shake that money maker to. They were smart to add Lil’ Wayne, because he basically heats up any song. If Mya’s the Collabo Queen, he’s definitely the king.
The deeply personal, slightly-stalkerishRidin’” is about a real-life situation
your girl experienced when her man cheated, and she was ridin’ around at 3AM looking for his tired ass. Mya takes you on a ride from her man’s ex’s house, to his
boy’s house, and his momma’s house – oh yes she did! Just when I thought Mya was about to throw some ‘bows, standout track ”Give a Chick a Hand” is unexpected as she congratulates the hoochie who just took her man. Although I was hoping she was gonna give this chick a backhand, I was really feeling this track. The last standout, “Life is Too Short” talks about some true ish.
The lesson: don’t let your pride keep you from the one you love. We’ve all been there. This sweet, yet mature tune is the most reminiscent of her old stuff and would also make a great second single.

The only obvious downfall on Mya’s playlist is the “woe is me” song “All
in the Name of Love”. I’m sorry, but I’m just not buying the
youleftmeafter13yearswith4kids song. Not believable.

If you’re already a Mya fan like I am, you’ll definitely be pleased with the project. If you still need convincing, you might want to wait for the radio-edits.

Liberation is set to drop in time on June 26th, but it’s been pushed back more times than Sha-ne-ne’s cuticles. Nevertheless, the album delivered with heavily produced tracks and Mya’s unique brand of swagger. Overall, the catchy beats, clever lyrics and good girl gone grown and sexy make this an album worth copping.

Jen's grade: B+

Jennifer is also the host over at The-B-Life and will be providing YBF with the fabulousness poppin' off in the NYC.