Tuesday, April 17

The Proof Is In The Puddin'

Krispy Cole showed her ass on Easter Sunday...literally:

Apparently she went to a church on Crenshaw for Easter Sunday services and was called out by the minister to come up and sing the praises of the Lord. Y'all know how "we" do when a singer visits the church. Anyways, sources are saying she sounded the absolute fool trying to sing "His Eye is on The Sparrow" and could barely finish the song.
Here's her actual "performance". Oh Key Key. Get it together. And I hear she wasn't dressed for church either--rockin' a mini dress and spaghetti straps. Clearly she and Jeezy just made a church on their way home from the club. An usher even tried to drape a shawl over her but ended up lifting her dress and showing her ASSets on accident. Chick probably had ever man up in there just a-sinnin'....

Looks like all is gravy in Biggaland...

They hit up the Nets v. Knicks game last night in NYC and got annoyed by some strays who sat courtside with them:

Jessica White, KiKi Simmons, Tyra B., and Beyonce

W to the E A V the E the A...to the L to the I to the C I O U S....weavalicious. Damn that Fergie.

So Tyra's not just annoying on her show I see. Clearly B just wanted some QT with her Jiggaman:

It must be nice to have the Fox Trot Louboutins in every color B. *sigh*

I KNOW he's second guessing his choice of Mama Tina and B creating some Nets Girls uniforms now.

I'm loving her look...sans the hat and jacket. Lots more pics are over at The Forums.

Rumored new couple Rih Rih and Omarion have been captured on video leaving Maestro Steakhouse in LA the other night. Here's the vid--and stop the denial Rih Rih. We've heard it all before.

Hov did a new photoshoot recently:

{Click Thumbnails}

If it wasn't for that swagger...

Forest Whitaker finally got his star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame yesterday:

Keisha was on hand looking fabulous:

*putting on my Ms. Jay ruffles* Fiiiieeerce.
Cute fam.

And his celebrity friends Victoria Rowell, Angie Basset, and Kerry Washington were on hand:

@ the afterparty at Vert eatery in LA

Black Star Power in full effect.

LaToya, Tito, and Jermaine have lost their minds and
made a Jacksons talent reality show. Do we really need another Idolesque show....and do we really need it to be The Jacksons version? I'm just sayin'....

The Randomness:
  1. The V-Tech campus murders story is still developing. And it gets more disturbing by the minute. Link