Monday, April 23

Weekend Recap

Damn...did Debbie Rowe gather up her girls and teach them how to trap a man? This is the chick...Kali Bowyer...who is claiming to have Chris Rock's 13 year old child. And TMZ is reporting that Chris is not denying she was a jump off. Interesting. Anyways, this is a mugshot from her being charged with a DUI. I can't wait to hear these paternity results. Really all we need is a pic of the child. Chris had surgery to cover up certain things that will be a dead giveaway on a child. I'm just sayin'....

Forest and his fab wife Keisha Whitaker are doing some traveling around South Africa. They've been spotted arriving and traveling in Cape Town this weekend:

Fab couple indeed.

Eric Benet's daughter India has grown into a definite YBF chick:

They both attended the Class of Hope: Prom 2007 event this weekend:


Celebs hit up Movieline’s Hollywood Life 9th Annual Young Hollywood Awards yesterday:

Chico Benymon

YBF chick Celestina Aladekoba from DanceLife was there.

Luda posed with Hillary Duff on the Red Carpet.

No ma'am Blu Cantrell. This is just a rag doll mess.

Quincy's fab daughter Rashida Jones was spotted filming what is possibly extra scenes for The Office around NY this weekend:

She was taping with her rumored off screen ex-boyfriend John Krasinski.

Source: ONTD

And finally, Fanny and Co. hosted an after party for "The Color Purple" show this weekend in NY:

I just don't understand it. I really don't. But I'm more mad at her stylist who hit up Forever 21 before this event to find something like this for Fanny. Boo.

Fab daytime chick Renee Elise Goldsberry was there.

And so was singer Elisabeth Wythers.

The Randomness:
  1. I'm way happier about this than I should be. Link
  2. Did anybody else catch the extreme foolishness that is Adventures in Hollyhood on MTV? I feel like I need to write a letter to their sponsors. Hot mess indeed.