Thursday, April 5

Mini Fab: Funnies & Candids

In case you missed ANTM last night:

50 Cent is pure comedy. I promise I would have thrown Jael's annoying ass in that pool too if I had the chance.

So Hov finally got that chick B a ring:

{Click pic to see the "Shawn" ring}

Ha. She rocked it this week on the Today Show. Still cute though. She definitely loves her some Shawn.

Fab chick Christina Milian was spotted leaving L'Scorpion restaurant in Hollywood:

Uber YBF chick Nia Long was spotted courtside at the Knicks v. 76ers game last night in NYC:

Her man Cuttino Mobely had a game in LA last night. But it looks like they're still trying their damndest to keep their relationship under wraps anyway.

And here are some Mel B. pics from a while back I never saw:

Oh Eddie. I knew you picked Mel as your beard for a reason. Y'all have something in common.

The Randomness:

  1. YBF is #10 on Yahoo's 20 Most Searched Gossip Sites List. Link Loves it! I don't do what I do just to get on lists like this or just to be number 1 in the numbers game. So this is just icing on the cake. Thanks to the overwhelming amount of you who sent me the article. And thanks to my FABULOUS readers of course.
  2. Reggie Bush IS NOT banned from the Playboy Mansion.
  3. The judge gave Whitney custody of Bobbi Kristina. Story