Monday, April 9

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HOT DAMN Remy Ma!:

She really thought she was just doin' it at Swizz Beatz' live concert this weekend:

What in the bedazzled poodle haired hell?!

She makes my retinas hurt. I'm done.

Speaking of body parts hurting:

Outside of Mr. Chow's this weekend

Tyra's making my forehead hurt. I can feel the 13 layers of brown gel she laid on her edges just to get this look.

I guess this is better than the shiny lacefront glue.

Lil Jon and his son Nathan were spotted at a game recently:

And so were Luda and his daughter Karma:

Lookin' just like her daddy.

Na-Na was spotted out at Barney's in Beverly Hills:

She brought Marc Jacobs along as her shopping partner. Too bad he didn't tell her to take that damn mini butterfly clip out her wig.

Skateboard P, Diddy, and Hov celebrated Pharrell's 34th birthday at New York's Lower East Side eatery The Stanton Social on Thursday:

No coke bottles....just Ace of Spades.

And Akon, his newest signee Chilli, and Kandi from Xscape were up in the studio recording a new track:

This ought to be interesting. And Chili clearly does not age.

The Randomness:

  1. Christina M. finally got a job.