Tuesday, April 3

All Kinds Of Ish

NY's man Tango did an interview with VH-1. Dude says he's ready to pick up and move to be with NY. And NY said in an interview recently that they weren't allowed to see each other these past 4 months so they stayed in touch by phone and sending each other dirty pics on the net. Too much damn info....

Check out new R&B Def Jam artist Sterling Simms:

You can hear his exclusive track "Nasty Girl" here. And if you like him, you can vote for him over at AOL for the AOL Breakers Campaign.

Prince was spotted out in Beverly Hills yesterday getting his shop on:

Still gettin' it....

E-V-E was spotted outside of Ken Paves' salon (Jessica Simpson's and Eva Longoria's famed hairstylist):

I'm loving Eve's new fab persona these days.

Jay hit up the NY Yankees opening day game yesterday. I guess B won't be hitting the baseball crowd since there's no sidelines to be seen on. I don't blame her either.

WTF are you doing Keyshia Cole!?:

You mad because they're taking pictures of the foolishness you call your hair?

Sexy ass Method Man will be starring in this week's episode of CSI. It's a follow up to his last appearance. Check out a clip from the show
here. It airs this Thursday night at 9p est on CBS.

CiCi performed in Coral Gables, FL:

And all kinds of celebs hit up the 2007 Boost Mobile RockCorps Concert:

Nas and Kelis were there. I have no comment on her look.

Brandy was there.

And so was DJ Quick and his perm.

And Game was there:

With Xzibit.

Young Jeezy

Fun times.

The Randomness:

  1. MK over at Popbytes has pics of the HB getting her Star on the Walk of Fame. Link